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Rounds in Counselling Psychology:
At the Dept. of Educational & Counselling Psychology
Faculty of Education, McGill University, Montreal, QC

“Bipolar Disorder & Substance Dependence: An Adlerian Perspective”

Highlights of a Lunch Time talk given by Dr. Marlene Stotland Cohen on March 14, 2005.

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Key Facts About Bipolar Disorder

General information about Mood Disorders and Substance Abuse

DSM-IV on Bipolar Disorders

DSM-IV Common Criteria of Mood Episodes 1, 2, 3

DSM-IV on Substance Dependence

DSM-IV on Substance Abuse

Adler: Psychotherapy and Freud 1, 2, 3

Four Stages of Adlerian Therapy

The Healthy Personality: The Adlerian Perspective

Adler’s Basis for Feelings of Insecurity in the First 4 Years of Life

Adlerian Four Goals of Misbehavior/ Positive Behavior in the Discouraged/ Encouraged Child

Adlerian Life Style Inventory

Elements of the Lifestyle: The Cognitive Map

Incongruities between Basic Convictions

Development of “Neurotic Symptoms”

Development of Psychotic Symptoms

Adlerian Typologies Based on Lifestyle Basic Convictions

Adlerian Psychology and the DSM-IV

Psychodynamics of Bipolar Disorder: An Adlerian Perspective 1, 2

Common Traits: Dual Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder & Substance Dependence

Treating the Problem: Co-occurance of Bipolar Disorder & Substance Dependence

Mood Stabilizers used in Co-occuring Disorders of Bipolar and Substance Dependence

Screening Tests

Successful Treatment Strategies

Montreal Resources for Bipolar Disorder & Substance Dependence 1, 2






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