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In the Moods, is written in clear, everyday language geared to the individual who is struggling with bipolar disorder and substance addiction.

The authors begin by speaking to the person struggling with this dual diagnosis in the first person - a useful approach in engaging the reader to consider the implications of a combination of a mood disorder and substance abuse problem.

The book is written from an Adlerian perspective maintaining it is the individual's creative power in forming lifestyle scripts before the age of four that determines the eventual degree of participation in life's responsibilities. Discouragement and increased feelings of inferiority along with predisposing biological and environmental shapers can also play a role in this dual diagnosis resulting in emotional reactivity, cognitive style and the choice of affect over logical thinking.

The authors contend that an integrated treatment approach is necessary: crisis intervention, possible medication (mood stabilizers), group therapy in a biopsychosocial recovery program, participation in a 12-step program, and cognitive therapy will all help the individual suffering with this dual diagnosis. One of the cornerstones of Adlerian therapy is offering the individual encouragement to participate to a greater degree in the five life task areas (self, work, love, social and spiritual).

People who have friends or family with a dual diagnosis of bipolar and substance abuse will find an entire chapter addressed to them; the initial stage of denial is discussed and followed by some valuable suggestions on how to cope.

Just the right blend of theory and practical information this helpful and hopeful book is for the person, or family member who needs clearly written and useful information about the dual diagnosis of bipolar disorder and substance dependence.  

A short, precise, soft-covered book that is easy to read is a great resource for clients and family members alike - an important addition to your counselling bookshelf.


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